Harness Horsemen Movember Fundraiser

Spearheaded by driver Mike Hennessy, a team of horsemen in Alberta have banded together to raise funds and awareness all in the name of Men’s Health.  For the month of November these horsemen are fundraising for the Movember Foundation. These funds will go towards research and programs aimed to help men affected by Prostate, and Testicular Cancer, and to encourage positive mental health!
The Movember Foundation is uniquely placed to address these causes at local, national and global levels. They’re work is focused on funding ground-breaking projects all over the world, engaging with men where they are, understanding what works best, and helping make change happen sooner.
By funding the three biggest health issues faced by men today, they’re able to ensure a long lasting impact on the face of Men’s Health.
With this in mind, and wanting to make the greatest change possible, the Harness Horsemen of Alberta have extended an open invite to other Albertan horsemen to become part of their team in support of all our dads, sons, brothers, and friends!

Have a look at the link below to join the team, or donate in support of our dads, brothers, sons, and friends!

Visit the team page to contribute:

Harness Horsemen of Alberta Movember Fundraiser

Harness Racing – Brandon Campbell

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