Harness Racing

The Sport

Harness Racing is a fast paced sport requiring strategy, agility, and speed to come together and carry both horse and driver to the wire. Branching across multiple continents the harness racing is connected globally bringing this exciting world to many horse fans and sport fans alike.​

The Horse

Standardbreds originated in North America. They are stockier than their Thoroughbred cousins and have quieter temperaments. Designed originally to be both a work and a riding horse history has molded them into the high energy but sensible breed they are today.

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10 Things to Know About Harness Racing

A simple break down to get you pointed in the right direction: here's your quick start guide to get ready to watch your first harness race!

What's a sulky?

Unique to harness racing, the race bike can look a bit odd to new comers. And why is it called a "sulky"?

Defining Greatness

You can't have great horses without having great horsemen to set them up for success once they step behind the gate. But what's the difference between good and great?

Giving Back to the Community

In times of need the racing community can rally together like no other. They will do everything they can to lend a hand and help out.

“The heart of racing is when a group of people drop everything to stand in a stall for five hours to save a horse that they don’t own.” – Karen Sobey, owner of Prince Sharka (via Standardbred Canada)

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