Support for San Luis Rey

I know many of us own, ride, compete and hold both race horses and off track horses near and dear to our hearts. When the going gets tough the community surrounding these amazing horses has never failed to come together. The global Thoroughbred community was there to support Classy Lane and the Standardbred community when we were faced with an unimaginable loss, and now they need our help.

The caretakers of the horses at San Luis Rey faced what can only be described as any horsemen’s worst nightmare on December 7th in California. With the heartbreak continuing for many as they try to locate and care for their horses.

All funds raised from this campaign go directly to the veterinary costs to help the horses affected by the wildfires in California – particularly the terrible fire at San Luis Rey Training Centre. Approximately 400 horses were stabled on the grounds and were unable to be evacuated due to closed roads. The grooms and caretakers were forced to simply release the horses onto the grounds in hopes that they would be able to escape the flames.

Thanks to an outpouring of support from volunteers with trucks and trailers, they have now been able to evacuate these horses – many of which have been relocated to Del Mar Fair Grounds – but that is just the beginning of their long road to recovery.┬áThe next step will be critical for these horses. Damage from burns and smoke inhalation will need to be assessed and treated, and the horses will constantly need to be monitored for things like colic, shock, and other issues that may arise in the days and weeks to come.

Please support the horsemen and their horses in California by donating, every little bit helps!


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