When the Going Gets Tough,

We see it in harness racing, and we see it in eventing.  They’re two very different sports, but both with their own sets of risks. While these moments are frequently outweighed by the amazing, breathtaking moments that everyone in the horse world strives and lives for, they still happen. And they suck. There’s no way around it. Sometimes it’s just a terrible situation, and you’re left wondering how exactly it happened, and what your next step should be.

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The Future of Horse Racing in Alberta

At the end of the day, fancy new racetrack or not, there’s yet to be the major shift in mentality so desperately needed in Alberta. It’s going to take risk, and it’s going to take something new, and something that hasn’t been done before to bring back those crowds and the sheer love and joy for the sport.

From Track to Tack

The fact that these amazing athletes have had an entire other career will mean that some steps in this process will come faster, and some steps will come a little slower. This has nothing to do with their breed, but everything with the fact that they have been taught something different previously.

The Unraced, Racehorse

We've all heard someone say, "But my horse never raced." There seems to be this odd concept circulating that because the horse doesn’t have an extensive race history that they were never taught any of the skills, or learned any of the habits, they would have acquired in a lengthy career as a racehorse. So what do they know?

Support for San Luis Rey

When the going gets tough the community surrounding these amazing horses has never failed to come together. The global Thoroughbred community was there to support Classy Lane and the Standardbred community when we were faced with an unimaginable loss, and now they need our help.

An Open Letter To the Unsuspecting

I’d like to introduce you to an amazing community of people. A community you’ve probably heard of, but probably do not know very much about.  They are some of the most resilient, hard working people you will ever meet. They are opinionated, they are honest, they are a little eccentric, and they know hundreds of ways to fix any problem you can think of.

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