Standardbreds, A Step Ahead

They were bred to work, and their trainers, owners, and drivers put a lot of work into them. And they deserve the credit for that.  So while Standardbreds come with their own set of challenges, they come with a wide range of benefits that people frequently forget to acknowledge.  The skills he learned before I got him and that kind of attitude, enthusiasm and approach he has to his job I fully attribute to him being a Standardbred and a race horse.

Q & A with Charlene

Hey guys, previously, I’ve written about what I want to write about. But I wanted to know what you wanted to hear about! So for this months blog, I opened things up for questions from you!  Here are the answers to some of the questions I received: Is there a reputable organization that re homes... Continue Reading →

Stigmas & Questions

STIGMAS & QUESTIONS Naturally, when you take a horse bred for one very specific discipline, and ask it to do something else, there are going to be a number of challenges associated with that change.  With Standardbreds there are a surprising number of stigmas you’ll run into especially when making the transfer from racing, to other... Continue Reading →

When the Going Gets Tough

We see it in harness racing, and we see it in eventing.  They’re two very different sports, but both with their own sets of risks. While these moments are frequently outweighed by the amazing, breathtaking moments that everyone in the horse world strives and lives for, they still happen. And they suck. There’s no way around it. Sometimes it’s just a terrible situation, and you’re left wondering how exactly it happened, and what your next step should be.

What’s in a name? “Sulky”

As some of you who know me know, my minor for my degree is in Classics. Classics is essentially the study of classical cultures. Ancient Greeks, and Romans and the other cultures surrounding that time. (I know, Anthropology major, Classics minor, good life plan Char.) For one of my classes I gave a lecture on... Continue Reading →

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